A room with a view ....

OK OK!! .... moving right along now - one of my buddies bitched about a mod over on PCLinuxOS who (again) lost the plot - seems that freaky old school marm - yep, that one - the one who treats everyone like its kindergarten - who does she think she is?! Madonna?? Do this, dont do that!! STFU!
Female or shemale - who cares - just to recap and embellish somewhat - it had a huge run-in with Sal & co when Texstar was finding himself - there are rumors aplenty, no concrete evidence - or grooving in NYC - when the moment presented itself like a cheap neon sign from the great Above, as it trashed everything & everybody who even slightly resembled the typical Alpha Male, and a threat to its future plans - whatever they might be. Conspiracy? Maybe!
To that end it was apparently somewhat successful in that it blew out all the brains, glue & backroom boys and of course left the baby without any real parental care & sustenance - which was of little concern. Simply blowoff, all the guys who really did all the grunt work, and who, on balance, where a real good bunch of guys, a well balanced crew. In fact it is widely believed that Sal was the real first stringer, the Man. In perfect 20:20 hindsight, one has got to believe there was more than a mere passive-reluctance on behalf of some of the other mods to lift a finger there. This has all the fixings of high treason, without the Bounty - TT style. Looking at the current mod roster speaks volumes, plus they have all developed big time, bad assed attitudes since. The very recipe for bad success.

To accomplish those ends, it also badmouthed anybody & anything within range, or who would listen, even went public with the drivel and snot about how it had been begged to take care of the baby that (they) had conceived together!! HOLY CRAP!!

Perhaps this stiffarm has overplayed itself somewhat, as most folks have a pretty fair idea of what is fair & equitable and what is not. So they leave, or worse, they dont support the holy grail no more. Heck - it doesnt take rocket science to use their distro and not put up with their horse manure and not pay them. I guess this is the part that flummoxes most mere mortals the most - they have no multi who is footing all the bills, yet have this lousy attitude towards all the wrong people. What are they so paranoid about? Another takeover? The moment there is a modicum of intelligence, dissent, or even disagreement, one is persona-non-grata. How idiotic. Like a stalag.

I personally, have always held the belief that any form of Forum Fetish is just another whacko, big time, reality-escape routine - is it really any better or worse than the naked, fat dude, trying to lure equally stupid yonks into his lair? These cats dont have to face reality from day one - they simply lean on everyone silly enough to come along and try to make it a user-friendly experience. Once anyone is comfortable or shows some initiative, all their ill-conceived psychologically conniving, fangs & talons are out as the ugly back-stabbers go about their dastardly deeds with malice & zealousness aforethought - 'out, I never liked you anyway'
Nobody - save for one or two guys who are really trying to make it a better place for all - has any of the social skills or gray matter to run anything more real than a virtual icecream parlor. Being able to hide behind some holier-than-thou, pseudo-facade does not imply there is any intelligence, knowledge, brains, or even social skills present - some are more than likely functionally illiterate!!
I mean - why are you there? You plagiarize text & verse like you invented it - 24/7!
Microsoft doesnt have a koffee klutz! Normally when one buys an automobile or toaster, you take it home, expect it to work somewhat reasonably well, out of the box. Surely one can expect much the same from Linux, but, as one cannot charge for Linux, is this then 2nd prize? With a little dodgy code in there, a few goofy built-in bum-steers, the kiddies will come round for Kool Aid and drop a couple bucks in the collection tray? Which is cool!! But, take a break, go outside and play in the sun with the rest of the world and be normal also.
Go to a real restaurant with real starched napkins, some friends and have a meal together - make that several. If you sit indoors and watch reruns of Judge Judy naked in the basement with Oprah, ya gonna get nuts, and start believing your own shit.
One always wonders why they have all these unprofessional people supposedly running a professional distro. Is this the price of cheap labor, their little claim to infamy & another bout of leftover neuroses?
OK, so this one might be a little better than most - its still no big deal, its only a clone of MDV, who did all the heavy lifting.
One doesnt even know who they are any more - except for a couple inepts floating around in the rather volatile ether.

There is one packager, who appears to be in way over his head - dont know if they have even managed to solve even a single problemo over there, except to delete all derogatory or posts they dont like. Then there is the old buzzard of the pack - a true putz - one can always depend on him to absolutely kill any enthusiasm for anything, except yards of stanzas, he is also good for some real serious toy chucking - right across the damned room, a real temper-tantrum-tyke, with very long knives and an ever longer memory.
Just like the kindergarten imbecile kid who keeps wetting himself, then blaming everyone else. One has to wonder why he is so pissed at the world - who cares - it appears to be an integral part of qualifying for a spot on the family tree.

What has hurt the most, was the upgrade of all the repos to 2009.1 - especially whilst 2007/8 were gung-ho - it has begun to tell - nothing syncs properly any more - one can tell by the posts that there is a massive problem. There is now only 2009.1 - the rest are useless. All the folks who are trying to maintain 2007/8 have run into brick walls - the upgrade is so horrendous, its idiotic - simply install 2009.1 - theres a thought!
2009.1 is no better than 2007 - in fact I believe it is less stable and has several issues which 2007 did not have.
Most have to do a full CLI LIVE install - the newer MDV 2009S is a cake walk - same hardware.
One merely has to watch DW - it has never achieved the dizzying height, popularity, acceptance of yore. A pity.
Maybe nobody learned anything from KDE4 - why break a perfectly good distro, then have to do it all over again when they change libraries/dependencies a little later. Having kept one server for 2007/8 would have made more sense - besides - KDE4 is gong to absolutely wreck the mainstream user who is trying to get out from under all the other bloat that is everywhere, that eats all ones resources, that takes up all ones time trying to make it work properly, rather than trying to make it work for one, as designed, a tool.
Even Moblin, which is moving in the right direction - a Intel/Fed OS - is at once idiotic and confusing! Maybe all the software dudes are all on the same meds, in the operating system factory in the sky - it surely appears like they dont do much else other than kibbutz amongst themselves and make all the same dumb mistakes. What happened to mean & lean? They should have release a minime 2009 first.

BFD - blowing pacman doesnt give one license to blow off all the people who pay to keep one flush in Kool Aid!
These are the folks who built the distro, who built all the camaraderie that is the distro, that is all the positive energy that moves life.
Dont blame folks for sabotaging and trying to steal secrets - thats para and a copout.
Man, thats just plain stupid, childish, smallville, neurotic, mindless, trailertrash-think - its utter nonsense - this sure is the begining of the end - it has all the hallmarks of The Bum & the Wristless.
This even calls in question the Big Cee - were it ever true - so welcome to America and the ten million other poor, terminally ill, afflicted souls.
When you are in harms way, you draw your friends closer - you dont blow them off - you would have had enduring love, money and support beyond your wildest dreams - unless, of course - there is malice aforethought. Psychology 101. And an amazing recovery, all said.


And the new winner is ......

A sequel to the stupidmuthafuckas skit, a couple other sub-plots have since emerged from this den of inequity, of course with a little help from our friends, but with pretty much the same pattern, actors & script. They concern the fat Polak again, shit, he sure does pop up all over the place, like a bad crotch rash that wont go away, really need to speak to sis about that! And of course our perennial cameo, that freaking marm, who simply wont quit with its persistent, asinine bullshit. What is it the fuck with this broad? Not enough sausage? It is tough enough to keep folks loyal - as in pay - but now you have two mods who are literally fucking the joint over, almost daily. They simply dont have the capacity to monitor anything intelligently, like mature, adults. The Kiss Of Death. They dont have any style, class or manners - a friendly nudge would suffice, not the big hammer every time someone allegedly contravenes their made-up, juvenile, self styled, PG13, moron-mentality. We are talking moral-majority here. The religious-right. Frank Lloyd Wrong? There goes the sandals, leather elbowed jacket, old smelly pipe, free love, mellow yellow, open source, copy left, free thinking society - finis, fucked. They do this on a public stage - for all to see! There are now 90% invisible guests/viewers there these days.

A point of order here:- before the porker was appointed a mod, he was a real motor mouth, decrying the then mods, their two-faced standards of not being liberal enough!! Now he is the big el gordo enforcer of anything that might even have the slightest possible political twist potential - like Schwartenegger's "Hast La Vista, muthafucka, I'll be back" he starts to wade in right from the get-go. What a hypocrite! He wouldnt know a female silicone breast if it smacked him in the face. Censure my ass.
Some time back, as all this heave-ho was going down, there were a couple real good guys who were real pissed at the that fool.
He had previously thrown his toys & food all over the room, more than once, then simply to compound those errors and make an already untenable situation even worse, they appointed him a fellow neo-nuts mod and he blew out some real good guys - the kind who will simply go the extra mile, in the interests of not only promoting goodwill for that particular distro & forum, but also promoting the entire concept & freedom of 'open sauce'
Linux is the net loser.
To that end a lot of guys simply packed it in and split. Having say 10 or 20 guys pissed at the forum/distro is not where you want to be from a donation POV, especially as they are bound to tell another 5 or 10 people each. It becomes very personal.
The forum concept also provides comic relief - a place to recharge - afore ye hit the bricks again.
Or maybe its simply a place for old retards & misfits to piss on everyone.
What appears to be their new modus operandi, is to punish the perpetrator by blocking them from being able to post there for 30 days!
How is that punishment? Is there some sort of premium here - something we have all missed?
So I dont get this all wrong and possibly step on someones schwantz - by removing ones privileges, it indicates to one and all that said establishment no longer values that persons patronage! Or Money! Aha - there's a conundrum!
Or anyone else's, for that matter. For, who knows who the paranoids will select next? Its not being blown out - who cares - its the paranoia that pervades the forum - as per previous - all those fat forum imbeciles, sitting naked, luring all those noobs into their lairs. For what? Some silly promise of camaraderie, friendship, mutual exchange of knowledge, wisdom, culture? Forget it - more like some banana republic despot.
Clearly they have become incredibly biased & prejudiced - wonder if they apply the same standards when cashing checks? Dont be silly!
This is supposed to be America, the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. Not cretins.

In the Polaks latest tirade he speaks of legal retribution! Say What? Against whom? For what? Freedom of speech? OK.
Tell you what, where ever you got your law degree from - go back and get your bread back old man, they surely done you wrong.
Glass houses & stones spring to mind.
Anybody want to bet the farm that some common sense will prevail and the idiotic post will be trashed?
Why even go there? To prove a point? What - that you are really an asshole?

Had to chuckle - after they blew out Sally & Co, they had to squeeze in a couple warm bodies, including the KOD, to prop up the development team, but aside from writing reams of stanzas - you simply know he has about 10 Gig of them, html and all - they have not been able to even solve the most minuscule of package problems, and even more embarrassingly, the non dev/mod folks are the real contributors. The blind leading the cripple.