And the new winner is ......

A sequel to the stupidmuthafuckas skit, a couple other sub-plots have since emerged from this den of inequity, of course with a little help from our friends, but with pretty much the same pattern, actors & script. They concern the fat Polak again, shit, he sure does pop up all over the place, like a bad crotch rash that wont go away, really need to speak to sis about that! And of course our perennial cameo, that freaking marm, who simply wont quit with its persistent, asinine bullshit. What is it the fuck with this broad? Not enough sausage? It is tough enough to keep folks loyal - as in pay - but now you have two mods who are literally fucking the joint over, almost daily. They simply dont have the capacity to monitor anything intelligently, like mature, adults. The Kiss Of Death. They dont have any style, class or manners - a friendly nudge would suffice, not the big hammer every time someone allegedly contravenes their made-up, juvenile, self styled, PG13, moron-mentality. We are talking moral-majority here. The religious-right. Frank Lloyd Wrong? There goes the sandals, leather elbowed jacket, old smelly pipe, free love, mellow yellow, open source, copy left, free thinking society - finis, fucked. They do this on a public stage - for all to see! There are now 90% invisible guests/viewers there these days.

A point of order here:- before the porker was appointed a mod, he was a real motor mouth, decrying the then mods, their two-faced standards of not being liberal enough!! Now he is the big el gordo enforcer of anything that might even have the slightest possible political twist potential - like Schwartenegger's "Hast La Vista, muthafucka, I'll be back" he starts to wade in right from the get-go. What a hypocrite! He wouldnt know a female silicone breast if it smacked him in the face. Censure my ass.
Some time back, as all this heave-ho was going down, there were a couple real good guys who were real pissed at the that fool.
He had previously thrown his toys & food all over the room, more than once, then simply to compound those errors and make an already untenable situation even worse, they appointed him a fellow neo-nuts mod and he blew out some real good guys - the kind who will simply go the extra mile, in the interests of not only promoting goodwill for that particular distro & forum, but also promoting the entire concept & freedom of 'open sauce'
Linux is the net loser.
To that end a lot of guys simply packed it in and split. Having say 10 or 20 guys pissed at the forum/distro is not where you want to be from a donation POV, especially as they are bound to tell another 5 or 10 people each. It becomes very personal.
The forum concept also provides comic relief - a place to recharge - afore ye hit the bricks again.
Or maybe its simply a place for old retards & misfits to piss on everyone.
What appears to be their new modus operandi, is to punish the perpetrator by blocking them from being able to post there for 30 days!
How is that punishment? Is there some sort of premium here - something we have all missed?
So I dont get this all wrong and possibly step on someones schwantz - by removing ones privileges, it indicates to one and all that said establishment no longer values that persons patronage! Or Money! Aha - there's a conundrum!
Or anyone else's, for that matter. For, who knows who the paranoids will select next? Its not being blown out - who cares - its the paranoia that pervades the forum - as per previous - all those fat forum imbeciles, sitting naked, luring all those noobs into their lairs. For what? Some silly promise of camaraderie, friendship, mutual exchange of knowledge, wisdom, culture? Forget it - more like some banana republic despot.
Clearly they have become incredibly biased & prejudiced - wonder if they apply the same standards when cashing checks? Dont be silly!
This is supposed to be America, the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. Not cretins.

In the Polaks latest tirade he speaks of legal retribution! Say What? Against whom? For what? Freedom of speech? OK.
Tell you what, where ever you got your law degree from - go back and get your bread back old man, they surely done you wrong.
Glass houses & stones spring to mind.
Anybody want to bet the farm that some common sense will prevail and the idiotic post will be trashed?
Why even go there? To prove a point? What - that you are really an asshole?

Had to chuckle - after they blew out Sally & Co, they had to squeeze in a couple warm bodies, including the KOD, to prop up the development team, but aside from writing reams of stanzas - you simply know he has about 10 Gig of them, html and all - they have not been able to even solve the most minuscule of package problems, and even more embarrassingly, the non dev/mod folks are the real contributors. The blind leading the cripple.

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