The Script Kiddies ride ruffshod ....

Got a call early this am EST from my 'all seeing, all knowing' Karnack who was simply pissing in his brogues - seems somebody had hacked the Queer Marm account - it was a mere shadow of its former self, and fanbois were frantically posting love letters to one and all. Such fun on a dreary Monday. That is some retribution for all the dumb posts she pins at the tops of boards. Here's a sample ... Brrrrr !!! .... !!! WTF - OK it has some significance or link to temps, but oh man, thats not even funny or amusing. Like those yonks with weather applets on their desktops - give me a freaking break. What are you gonna do with that info?
Then Birthdays - now you know we are all in kiddie garden drinking oodles of red Kool Aid. The marms spent 50% of the day BS'ng about everyones BDay.
And she does what for the forum now?? Or for God & Cuntry for that matter? Takes pictures you counter! OK
To my way of thinking - especially given that the Polska sausage and Queenie are the perfect fit, in more ways than one - specific performance aside, you foul brained varmints - and their personal styles are equally inept, sans any imagination and dreary as yesterdays dishwater, one has to wonder if getting rid of the pair would have any aimprovement on the quality of life over there. Naw!
People closer to the source reckon that the Marm & Co are indeed getting to take out the main man and claim it all for themselves.
Hmmmm ... sure sounds more like the first installment modus operandi.

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